What is Rockville Rewards?
Rockville Rewards is a Rockville Chamber of Commerce program supported by the City of Rockville, Maryland. Through the purchase of the program’s card ($25), cardholders may support both local nonprofits and businesses alike through its 'shop small' initiative. By presenting the card to any participating business approved through the program cardholders may receive over 100 discounts on goods and services with 100% of card proceeds being donated to participating area nonprofits.

Was this program re-launched? Is it different?
Originally launched 10 years ago, Rockville Rewards was created to support and celebrate area small businesses and nonprofits. This year (2020), the Rockville Chamber of Commerce recognized that our community needs support now more than ever to help them navigate the challenges caused by the pandemic. So, we've relaunched the decade long project, adding a ‘shop small’ digital promotion, encouraging Rockville Rewards partners to continue to support from the comfort of their own homes.
Same great program, just a little more digital!

Who is eligible to participate in the offer?
Cardholders: Anyone and everyone that wants to support a Rockville business and/or nonprofit!

Businesses: Eligible businesses must be an active member of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce.

Nonprofits: Eligible 501(c)3 beneficiaries must actively run their organization in Rockville [have a Rockville address] and/or serve the residents of the city.

My nonprofit is located outside of the Rockville city limits, can we still benefit from proceeds and/or fundraise through the program?
Yes! An address outside of the city limits is ok as long as you can provide proof that you actively support its community.


How can I redeem the offers of the card?
All eligible cards enrolled can redeem discounts and offers at participating businesses through 8/31/21. Cardholders are limited to one per customer, per location; however, may redeem offers repeatedly across its variety of participating small businesses. Note: merchant offers are subject to change, please visit our website for all available offers.

Where can I find participating small businesses to make qualifying purchases?
To search for Rockville Rewards-accepting businesses, please visit our Rockville Reward Directory, (coming soon). Currently, all participating businesses can be view on the interim list, here.

Are card purchases refundable?
Given the philanthropic nature of the Rockville Rewards program and immediate disbursements of proceeds to eligible nonprofits, any and all purchases are considered final.

Are there rewards points that I may earn?
Not at this time, but we plan to roll out a new phase of the Rockville Rewards program in 2021 that will allow for such a loyalty system. Stay tuned!

I have a question that isn’t addressed by the FAQs on this page. Where can I go for help?
If the FAQs on this page do not address your questions, please feel free to call the number on the back of your card; or email us at rewards@rockvillechamber.org.


How do I know if my business qualifies to be a participating small business?
To qualify as a participating small business, your company must (1) be a member of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce (2) be located within the Rockville city limits and/or serve its residents.

How will cardholders know that they can redeem the offer at my business?
Cardholders are encouraged by the chamber to visit the Rockville Rewards website and directory to find places to shop, so we strongly suggest all eligible businesses to (1) log-in to your 'seller' profile through our partner portal to ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date, including your current COVID business status and offer (3) if you’re an eligible seller, you may also let customers know that you welcome Rockville Rewards Cards by displaying signage/ decals along with any additional marketing materials we’ve made available on our resources page; please visit to order collateral free of charge [simply use the partner promo code assigned to your business or nonprofit] - if you don't know your partner promo code, please email: rewards@rockvillechamber.org.

I can’t find my partner promo code and/or it’s not working.
All businesses and nonprofits are assigned a partner promo code, available inside our partner portal. There is a limit to usage, so if you need it reset, please email rewards@rockvillechamber.org.

Is there any cost to my business to be part of the Rockville Rewards program?
No, it’s completely free of charge to all Rockville Chamber of Commerce Members. To add your business to the company directory, simply register through the online partner portal, where you can enter all business information, available offers to Rockville Rewards cardholders, and primary contact information – you will be notified of approval.

The program promotion and materials are fully funded by a Rockville City Grant. Marketing collateral to help promote the offer to your customers will be provided by the Rockville Chamber and are free to download and/or have professionally printed on-demand (5-7 business day turnaround time), are digitally available on our Rewards Resources page.


How do I know if my organization qualifies to be a benefitting nonprofit?
To qualify as a benefiting nonprofit, your organization must (1) be a member of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce (2) be located within the City of Rockville and/or serve its community.

How do I apply to become a benefitting nonprofit?
Please submit an application through our website, (coming soon) or email: rewards@rockvillechamber.org. You will be notified of your approval, given a log-in, and notified of next steps via email.

How do I add my nonprofit to the Rockville Rewards website directory?
Following the approval process, you will be emailed instructions and guidelines of the program. Any/all questions about the program may be directed to rewards@rockvillechamber.org or the program director, Heather Mahoney at heather@rockvillechamber.org.

I’d like my nonprofit to benefit from the sale of the signature Rockville Rewards items as an additional profitable donation – how do I do that?
We’ve added an additional way for our nonprofits to make some extra cash and proudly promote the program with Rockville Rewards. Our digital fundraising is handled by third-party app Give & Grow by Pledgeling, and in order to register and directly receive checks from purchased items [100% of proceeds after costs are allotted to registered nonprofits], your organization must be a United States IRS recognized 501(c)3, registered in the Rockville Rewards Partner Portal as well as on the Give & Grow / Pledgeling website – directions below on how to navigate the app/website.

• To register with Give & Grow: click on the search bar in the "choose your cause(s)" section and then click on ‘search for a specific nonprofit’, start typing the name of your nonprofit, and if available, it should auto populate in a list under the search bar.
• Select your nonprofit and continue setting up your donations settings.
• If you don't see the nonprofit of your choice, please complete this form,
• Any additional issues, please email rewards@rockvillechamber.org.

I have a question that isn’t addressed by the FAQs on this page.
If the FAQs on this page do not address your questions, please feel free to call the number on the back of your card; or email us at rewards@rockvillechamber.org.